• Short Narrative 

    To prepare you for advanced screenwriting, composition, and production next year, we will learn the basics of putting a story to video by producing a short narrative; a one-minute story.
    By completing this project…
    • you will be able to identify the key components of narrative structure and strengthen your scriptwriting abilities.
    • you will be able to effectively plan for the production phase of a short film by preparing shots, arranging for and booking locations, and identifying equipment needs.
    • you will be able to correctly match shots, sweeten audio and adjust image settings in post production.
    The Project:
    In groups of 3 (or 2), you will write, produce, and edit a short narrative (1:00) based on a prompt. Your group will be responsible for planning every aspect of the film BEFORE production begins. Each member of the group will have a specific job that they will be responsible for, and then all members will edit their own cut.
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    Production Roles:
    Each group member will fill one of these roles:

    • Producer - Responsible for: scouting and arranging for locations; identifying and booking proper equipment needed for shoot; creating a production schedule; managing time during production; other various duties.
    • Director of Photography - Responsible for: planning out each camera shot; drawing storyboards; operating camera during production; capturing footage; monitoring audio quality.
    • Director - Responsible for: casting roles for the film; writing the script; directing actors and camera during production.


    • Planning worksheet: Due Monday 12/14
    • Production Schedule: Due Friday 12/19
    • Script: Due Friday 12/19
    • Storyboards: Due Friday 12/19

    • Footage: Due Friday 1/8
    • Additional media (music, sound effects, etc.)

    • Organization Check (Events and Keywords or Bins, Scratch Disks, Logging)
    • Final Cut: Due Tuesday 1/19 (Wednesday 1/20 Class 8)

    CLICK HERE for the grading rubric