• Objective:
    By the end of this activity, you will be able to correctly utilize advanced editing features in Final Cut Pro by editing original video footage.

    You will get practice in adjusting speed, making a freeze frame, and creating split screens in Final Cut Pro. You will partner up and shoot some basic video footage that you will transfer into FCP and edit.


    1. Shoot at least 20 seconds of video that you can use to adjust speed (slow motion, fast motion or reverse); Shoot an action shot (at least 10 seconds) that you can use to create a freeze frame (i.e. jumping up and down); Shoot a basic scene (at least 15 seconds) from at least 3 different angles that you can use to create a split screen.
    2. Create a new project folder in your home directory titled "12/10/2015 Advanced Editing".
    3. Create a new FCP library in save it in your new folder.
    4. Transfer footage onto your own computer (and your partner will do the same).
    5. Use the footage that you shot to create 3 scenes; Adjusting a clip to 2 different speeds (or reverse), Creating a freeze frame and continuing the motion, and creating a neat and even looking split screen with 3 different angles.
    6. Create a title at the beginning of your sequence that simply says your name. You must keyframe at least 2 attributes (i.e. center, scale, color, etc.). The keyframing should not be too extreme.
    7. Go to File > Share > Master File
    8. Save as LASTNAME.mov to your DESKTOP
    9. Once it exports, watch your video in QUICKTIME to make sure it exported correctly.
    10. Then drag the file from your desktop to the following location TVTECH>Mr. Ebbeson’s Classes>Class #>1-COMPLETED PROJECTS>Advanced Editing
    Tuesday 12/15/2015

    Small Projects, Advanced Project Preparation and Quizzes (30%)