• Objective:
    By the end of this project, you will be able to create a photo montage using at least 30 photos that contains music, transitions, keyframing, and conveys a theme.

    • 30 photos (minimum) held for 4 seconds each.
    • Each photo has center and scale attributes keyframed to create motion.
    • No black video is visible (photo fills up entire video frame).
    • Transitions (no cuts) between each photo.
    • Photoshop graphic at beginning with appropriate title.
    • High-quality .mp3 or .wav song file added with appropriate levels

    Skills Used:
    • Overwrite/Insert Edits
    • Transitions
    • Basic Keyframing
    • Audio Level Adjustment
    • User Preferences

    CLICK HERE for grading rubric.
    Creating a Photoshop Title