• Sample Script Template for Tribal News


    1- Field reporter on-camera introduction.On-Camera Intro

    Intro: "The annual Wii tournament is an event that provides students in the special education program with a day full of exciting competition. All four schools in the Lenape Regional High School district compete against each other in various wii games such as bowling, archery, and soccer."

    2- B-roll Montage #1B-Roll Montage 1

    A series of short shots that are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information) voiceover and/or music. Use at least 3 short clips in a short sequence. Try to make the clips show what is being referenced in the voiceover. Remember, showing is much better than telling - however this should be the meat of your news story with plenty of information taken from your fact sheet.
    Voiceover #1: "Five years ago, the Cherokee physical education department started the Wii tournament since all district schools had recently received Wii systems. After rotating amongst the district schools, the event has landed at Lenape on an annual basis.There are many different aspects of the day that contribute to its success. The students arrive in the morning and each school performs a cheer that the students had prepared for and rehearsed prior to the tournament. This initiates the tournament and gives the students an opportunity to collectively represent their school in a fun and entertaining way. The students are split up into different groups and assigned to various stations such as wii, coloring, basketball, and ping pong. This helps keep the activities running smoothly and organized."

    3- Interview Lead-in

    Interview Lead-In Towards the end of the b-roll montage, clips of the person being interviewed (in action) are shown with a voice-over introducing the audience to who they are and why they are relevant to the story. Possible voiceover leading into logical topic progression. (Transitions)
    Lead-In: "Mrs. Taubman is a health and physical education teacher. She is involved with organizing the tournament and games, and loves seeing the students engage in the competitions. " .

    4- Interview intercut with B-roll and found sound. Interview 1

    The whole section of interviews and B-Roll telling the story can be intercut so the topic logically progresses. This means interviews do not have to be featured in the newspack in order, one-after- the-other, but can be cut together where similar answers or discussion about the topic is put together and logical transitions further the topic, or a voiceover transition is used to link the next point of the topic.
    Taubman interview: importance of the tournament for the students/ organization and people that help .

    5- Repeat B-Roll Montage/Interview Lead-In/Interview

    B-Roll Montage 2 Voiceover 2: After the activities in the gymnasium are over, the students engage in what is known as the penpal luncheon. This is a great way to give students a break and allow them to relax before the most anticipated part of the day, the award ceremony. All of the schools come together to hear the teachers announce the winners of the different games. The students get a chance to see their hard work throughout the day pay off. Individual winners are awarded with certificates and the school that has the most overall points receives a gold trophy.
    Lead-In: Senior seth Erlanger helped set up and play with the students in the Wii tournament. This is his fourth time helping with the tournament. His favorite part of the day is the award ceremony.
    Seth interview: when he got involved/ favorite part=award ceremony Interview 2
    Voiceover 3: The successfulness of this tournament is increasing every year. The games, awards, and volunteers all contribute to its prosperity. Perhaps the biggest contributors are the students themselves.
    Seth interview: the students make it successful

    6- Field reporter on camera closing and direction back to the studio.Closing

    Closing: "The Wii tournament is an extremely successful event and something the students will always look forward to. We would like to thank Mrs. Taubman and Seth Erlanger for their contribution to the tournament and our story. For Tribal News, I'm __________________. Now back to the studio!"