• Tribal News Students learn the art of electronic news gathering (ENG) by collecting research, writing scripts, planning interviews and capturing good audio and video images along with B-Roll footage about a particular topic. Finished editions of Tribal News air on the Lenape District Television.
    Students will produce two (2) episodes of the program throughout the school year, one for each season. News package requirements for each edition of the program will be posted, with each episode bringing higher expectations.
    Students will be responsible for creating their news package from scratch - beginning with contacting people for interviews and ending with creating an over-the-shoulder graphic. Because students must manage their own schedule in addition to schedules of their partner and interview subjects, they will need to manage their time wisely. Deadlines for each stage of the production process will be provided with plenty of advance notice, so there will be no excuses if assignments are not submitted on time.
    Students will work as a production team and will be expected to pull their weight. The failure of one person to complete their responsibilities could bring down the quality of the entire show. Information on the program, in addition to full episodes of past editions, can be found on the Lenape TV web site by clicking here.
    Fall News Package Requirements:
    • Monday 11/9 - Initial e-Mail Contact #1
    • Monday 11/9 - 1st Contact Interview Questions (5)
    • Tuesday 11/10 - Fact Sheet
    • Friday 11/13 - Interview #1
    • Tuesday 11/17 - Script
    • Wednesday 11/18 - B-Roll Check #1 (must have 15 different b-roll shots in organized bins)
    • Thursday 11/19 - Interview #2
    • Friday 11/20 - Opener, Closer, Voice Over
    • Tuesday 11/24 - Rough Cut
    • Wednesday 12/2 - Final Cut