• Introduction:
    We have learned how to use cameras, how to edit in Final Cut Pro and how to plan productions using treatments and storyboards. We will combine all of this knowledge to create a “how to” video.
    Objective: By the end of this project, you will be able to produce a 2-3 minute "how to" video that applies all skills learned in video editing, planning, and using a video camera that meets all standards listed on the rubric.
    • In partners, you will plan out your “how to” video on something that is relatively easy to “teach”. You must submit a treatment and storyboards before you begin filming.
    • Once you get approval for your video, you will sign out a camera and shoot your scenes. Your shots should follow your storyboards completely. Be sure to slate each shot.
    • You will record the narration for your how-to video by using GarageBand in one of the “recording booths” and exporting the file to your folder on the lenvocs drive.
    • You will capture your video and audio and edit your “how to” video in Final Cut Pro. Your final project should have the following:
      • Shot-by-shot video of your “how to” with the audio removed
      • Audio track of your narration
      • Audio track with instrumental music (levels should be lower than your narration track)
      • Title at the beginning of your video as well as lower-thirds graphics describing each step.
    Due Dates:
    • Wednesday, November 6: Treatment and storyboards (end of class) Project Prep
    • Tuesday, November 18: Rough Cut (end of class) Project Prep. – all or nothing
    • Friday, November 21: Final Cut (end of class) Final Cut 
    Grading: CLICK HERE for the grading rubric.