• Objective: By the end of this project, you will be able to record artistic and creative camera shots to produce a unique "How-To" video.

    Background: To show your understanding of how to operate a DSLR camera, you will produce an updated version of the "How-To" video that uses creative and unique camera shots along with music and text to demonstrate the task.

    Pre-Production Deadlines:
    • Friday 10/10 - List of Steps
    • TBA - Storyboards
    • Monday 10/19 - Footage Due
    • Thursday 10/22 - File Management Check
    • TBA - Final Cut
    • Minimum length: 1:00 - Maximum length: 2:00
    • No voiceovers can be used - only music and text.
    • Title should be included at the beginning and counts toward your total video length.
    • Think of your "theme" or "style".
    CLICK HERE for the grading rubric.