• MicroType



    Throughout the 1st Marking Period, you will be working in MicroType.  This program will teach you the proper technique to use while typing, including which fingers to use for which key.
    Some points to remember:
      • The focus of the 1st Marking Period is to learn the proper way to type.  Speed is not a concern at this point.  Take your time and learn.  It will only help you in the future!

      • You will be assigned four lessons to complete in a four-day cycle.  This means that you should be completing about 1 1/3 lessons per day.  Do not work ahead unless you have spoken to your teacher.  If you finish the lesson early, you are expected to be practicing with the Online Typing Tutorials.

      • You are expected to being using the keyboard with the blacked out keys at all times.  You may use a wrist rest but it is not required.  Please put both of these away at the end of every period.

      • You will be evaluated on your typing skills throughout the 1st Marking Period.  These evaluations will not be announced and you will not have the opportunity to make up this grade.  Work hard and use the proper technique at all times!

    • Stay on schedule.  If you are absent or start to fall behind, it is your responsibility to make up the work.  You may come in during the designated extra-help sessions announced on the whiteboard or you may come in during a study hall.  Remember, you must ask for a pass to come in from Study Hall prior to that period.     
    Please see me if you have any questions or concerns!

    Contact Mrs. Hahn at mhahn@lrhsd.org or 609-654-7544 x8798