• Computer Applications
    Enduring Understandings


    Students will understand that:

    Unit 1: 

      ~ Enhancing keyboarding skills is a benefit for life.

    Unit 2:

       ~ Successfully using Office Suite basic components are necessary to produce professional business documents.

      ~ Effective business communication is a result of successfully applying word processing concepts.

      ~ Enhancements improve the professional appearance of business documents.

    Unit 3:

      ~ Spreadsheets are used in many facets of life.

      ~ Database software is an extremely important tool.

     Unit 4:

      ~ Multimedia presentation skills are important in the business world.

      ~ The design and creation process is important for effective print advertisements.

    Unit 5:

      ~ The Internet has a social, cultural, and environmental impact.

      ~ Locating, analyzing, and evaluating search engines can help determine the accuracy of the information provided.

      ~ Web development is an essential part of providing information on the Internet.


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