• This email is concerning your child having a role in Lenape's fall production of Peter Pan.  Depending on which role your child will be playing in Peter Pan (mermaids, indians, pirates, fairies, or animals) there are certain components to their costume that the parents/guardians can provide rather than making everything from scratch. There will be a list below with each role and what can be bought at common places like Walmart, Target, etc. or you may already own but some things unless you are not okay with changes being made as I may have things added to them to fit the roles better (it will be noted in the list if so). For any reason you are unable to provide anything please contact myself (129616@lrstudents.org or bluewaver98@gmail.com if it is urgent) or the director Mr. Bausch  (wbausch@lrhsd.org) as soon as possible.  If anything on this list changes and/or new things are added I will be in contact. 
    Tara Penkala (head of the costume committee) 
    -Nude camisole/tank top

    -Strapless bra/old bikini top (will be changed): light pink for Tessa, Katy & Maggie; 

    fuchsia for Megan, Cecilia & Maddy



    ​Maggie, Katy, Laurel, Alena, Caitlyn, Reagan & Morgan

    -Tights/Leggings (purple)

    -Tank top (purple)

    -$5 cash for the fairy wings

    -Flats (purple or white)



    Cecilia, Maddy, Reagan & Autumn

    -Long in length(dress-like) either short or long sleeved tan shirt; will be changed

    -Tan or brown boots (without details or patterns); will be changed

    -Brown or tan stretch headband

    -A bag of wooden craft beads and neutral colored feathers (can be bought in packs)




    -White long sleeve shirt; will be changed

    -Black vest; will be changed

    -Baggy black pants

    -Closed toed black shoes; will be changed


    -Plain bandana​ (color can be black, white or red)

    -Striped t-shirt (can be a polo if the shirt is difficult to find;) will be changed

    -Old pair of jeans

    -Brown or black close toed shoes



    Tessa, Megan, Reagan, Christin, Autumn & Silas

    -Black/grey hoodies; will be changed

    -Black pants (plain w/o a print or design)

    -Black shoes (plain w/o a print or design)


    Lost Boys:



    -Neutral shirt (tan, white or brown); will be changed

    -Neutral pants (tan or brown); will be changed
    -Neutral shoes (closed toed w/o design or print)


    Tessa (ostrich):

    -Long sleeve light pink shirt

    -Black or white tutu

    -Light pink leggings

    -Light pink boots