LDTV Option 2 Information

    If you are interested in the option two program (a strong option if you have already finished 3 years of Communications Tech), download the application and submit the form to Guidance ASAP.

    CLICK HERE for information on the program (also can be viewed below).

    This program is for seniors only. Successful completion of Communication Technology 1, 2 and 3 is preferred, however students may be concurrently enrolled in Communication Technology 3 and the LDTV Option 2 Program.

    High School credit will be awarded under the following conditions:

    1. Applications must be submitted to the school counselor by June 1st of the year the LDTV Option 2 program starts.LDTV
    2. A mandatory meeting between the student and the Director of LDTV is required prior to determining the status of the student’s application.
    3. The student’s counselor and assistant principal will confer with the student’s TV Broadcasting Technology teacher(s) and the Director of LDTV prior to the approval or rejection of the application.
    4. The duration of the LDTV Option 2 Program will be from July 1st to June 1st the following year.
    5. Students may use hours that are worked during the summer towards the Option 2 Program if they are approved by the LDTV supervisor.
    6. 180 hours will equal 5 credits. No partial credit will be given for not completing the 180 hours. A pass or fail grade will be issued.
    7. The safety, cost and transportation, to and from, any Option 2 program and any and all costs for programs, fees, books, supplies, support, tutoring, etc are the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian. By completing the Option 2 request the parent/guardian(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Lenape Regional High School District, its agents or employees from any and all claims of any type, action, complaint, judgment, costs or personal injury, arising out of, or related to, the student’s participation in the Option 2 program.
    8. All Option 2 students are required to provide their weekly availability to the LDTV supervisor at the start of every week. The LDTV staff will use that availability to create a weekly schedule for each student.
    9. All Option 2 students must keep a daily log of the hours they spent on all jobs they are assigned. The log will include a description of the job performed, the number of hours spent on the job, the location of job and the status of the job assigned. All hours must be approved by the LDTV supervisor. A student’s guidance counselor may request to review a student’s daily log at any time.
    10. Option 2 students are allowed to use hours worked at their school’s TV program towards the Option 2 Program if they are working on a project intended to air on LDTV and it is approved by their TV Broadcasting Technology teacher.
    11. All Option 2 students are required to work at least one Board of Education meeting. In addition, all Option 2 students are required to work at least one LDTV Sports production as the Technical Director, Graphics Operator and Director.
    12. If the student has early release due to the Option 2 Program, they cannot be on school property during such time unless accompanied by a teacher or LDTV staff member.
    13. Students will not receive payment for service hours.
    14. At the discretion of the school administration and/or LDTV supervisor, a student may be dismissed from the LDTV Option 2 Program for just cause such as, excessive school absenteeism, tardiness, insubordination, dishonesty, poor performance, or other serious violation. If the student had early release due to the Option 2 Program, they will return back to school for a full day schedule.
    Print out and bring it to your counselor.