• The Lenape Regional High School District Social Studies program, in alignment with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Social Studies Standards, prepares students to make politically, socially, and economically informed decisions. Through completing our coursework, our students will be better able to

    1. choose and analyze appropriate sources to gain content knowledge
         o   ascertain point of view and bias
         o   summarize key points
         o   determine the validity of the source
    2. apply acquired content to connect past and present day events
         o   synthesize information from various time periods and sources
         o   draw parallels between historical and present-day events
         o   make connections between historical and present-day events
         o   draw conclusions and hypothesize about events and their effects
    3. collaborate and interact with others in a diverse and ever-changing world
         o   actively listen
         o   be respectful and empathetic of others
         o   understand others’ ideas and opinions
         o   respond to questions
         o   problem solve with others
         o   share their opinions effectively and respectfully
         o   come to a compromise
    4. independently formulate and effectively defend and articulate opinions on historical, political, economic, and social science topics
         o   formulate a thesis that effectively supports or refutes an argument
         o   provide evidence and support for a logical argument
         o   demonstrate understanding of dissenting opinions
    5. communicate effectively through written, oral, and visual means
         o   recognize and adjust to the intended audience
         o   demonstrate the purpose
         o   elicit the intended response