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                                                                                                            Mr. Hovemeyer

                                                      WELCOME TO ENGLISH I!!


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    Email: dhovemeyer@lrhsd.org


    A Look at the Year Ahead    


    First Marking Period

    Selected short stories

    Literary Letters

    Writing Workshop: Persuasive Writing


    Second Marking Period

    To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee                        

    Selected short stories                                                 

    Literary Letters                                                           

    Children’s Story Project                                             

    Research Mini-Project

    Writing Workshop: Compare and Contrast/Essay

    Third Marking Period

    Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

    Literary Letters

    Writing Workshop: Cause and Effect/Expository Essay

    Fourth Marking Period

    Selected poems                                                          

    Literary Letters                                                          

    Student Chapbooks                                                    

    Writing Workshop: Cause and Effect/Essay



    Every class, you must have:

    • Student Planner (this also functions as your hall pass)
    • Pens/Pencils
    • Binder or notebook to use for notes (preferably a 3 ring binder)
    • Marble notebook to serve as a journal (this will be a different notebook than the one you use    

    for notes)

    • Novel/short stories/poems on which we are currently working
    • Independent Reading
    • Any handouts



    • Grading is based on a percentage system. During the first and third marking period, 100% of your grade will consist of the work done in class. Grades will consist of Homework, Tests/Quizzes, Classwork (including participation), and Written Work/Projects.
    • During the second and fourth marking period, 90% of your grade will come from the above categories. The last 10% will consist of a written progress assessment, which will be completed in class. You will have two full class periods to complete the progress assessments.
    • A note on class participation. It is expected that you will participate fully in class. It is also expected that you will be present for class, both physically as well as mentally. This means that cell phone use will not be tolerated. Cell phones are expected to be put away during class. This means that they are not to be sitting on your desks.

    It is your responsibility to keep track of your grades.  Please frequently check Genesis as your grades will be posted there. If you have any questions about an assignment or grade, please ask me as soon as possible.


    Late Assignments

    All assignments should be turned in by their due date. Points will be deducted for late assignments:

    • Homework: If you do not have homework on the due date, you may submit it the next day (unless otherwise stated) for HALF credit. Any homework not submitted at that time will be calculated as a zero.
    • Written Work/Projects: Late assignments will lose approximately 5-10 points (depending on the assignment point value) PER CLASS PERIOD late.

    If you cannot meet a deadline due to extenuating circumstances, please come and talk to me before or after class, or email me (dhovemeyer@lrhsd.org).


    Independent Reading

    You are expected to have an independent reading book with you at all time during class. Occasionally, we will be doing work that requires you to have an independent reading selection. Additionally, if you finish work early, the independent reading selection will allow you to pass the time productively while waiting for other students to finish. You are expected to read, at a minimum, two independent reading selections during the school year (1 per semester). After the first week of school, I will expect you to have a book selected. The South and North Media Centers are great resources to use to to discover your next favorite author. Remember, one book a semester is a minimum, you can read more. (the books that we are reading in class, do NOT count as independent reading)


    Extra Help:

    If you need help, please ask! My goal is to help you succeed in English this year. I routinely post assignments, notes, and handouts on my schoolwires site. If you have further questions, please feel free to come and see me after school in the English Planning Center (GG117). I will also be available Day 1 and Day 3 during Lunch and Learn. You may also email me (dhovemeyer@lrhsd.org). Please note that I stop checking my email around 9pm. If, for some reason, you do not hear back from me, you are still accountable for completing your assignment (to the best of your ability) or taking the test/quiz.


    Extra Credit:

    I do not assign extra credit projects or assignments. Please do your very best on assignments, homework, and study in order to prepare for tests and quizzes.


    Absent Students

    If you are absent, check my schoolwires site. You may also email me (dhovemeyer@lrhsd.org) to find out about what you missed in class. You will have the same number of days to make up the work that you were absent (example: if you are absent for two days, you will have two days to make up the work you missed).

    If you are in school, but leave for a field trip, game, or leave early, you must turn in assignments before the end of the school day or they will be marked late. If you are not able to find me in the classroom, please drop off the assignment in the English Planning Center (GG117).

    If you missed a test or quiz, please see me as soon as you return to school to setup a time to make up the assessment. You may make up the test/quiz during a study hall, during Lunch and Learn, or after school. Assignments will NOT be made up during class time.

    I will not chase you down to make up assignments that you missed; it is your responsibility to make up assignments in a timely manner. If, at the end of a marking period, you have not made up assignments, they will be calculated as zeroes.


    Using Google Docs

    This class will submit essays using Google Docs. Google Docs allows us both to have an electronic copy of the time/date that an assignment is submitted. All essay grading and comments will be posted on Google Docs.



    • Always enter the classroom calmly and quietly and be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. Usually, you will have some type of “Do Now” to complete, so please make sure you are using all available time.
    • Please do not pack up early during class. This activity can interrupt lessons, causing you to miss important information, and can delay dismissal. The bell doesn't dismiss you; the teacher dismisses you.
    • Do not line up at the door and wait for the bell to ring. Please remain in your seats
    • Please be prepared to stay and participate in the entire class period. However, if there is a strong need to use the restroom or get a drink of water, please fill out your student planner and bring it to me to be signed. Respectfully wait for an appropriate time to ask for permission to leave the room.  Please do not interrupt a lesson, especially when I am addressing the class.
    • Remember: YOU are responsible for all that is missed while out of the room.



    These guidelines are set up so class can be fun, safe, and productive.  We should always keep in mind that the things we say and actions we take make a statement about who we are. It is up to each of us to decide who we want to be and what we are remembered for.

      • Students should follow all rules as defined in the LRHSD student handbook and in this syllabus
      • Students are to respect one another and the teacher at all times.


    • The use of cell phones, iPods, and/or other electronic devices is allowed ONLY with the direction and supervision of the teacher for academic purposes.  Otherwise, they should be turned off and put away. The teacher will tell you when these devices can be taken out and used for class.  Such devices are NEVER allowed during tests or quizzes.


    • Cheating / copying / plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please see below for definitions and consequences.
    • Do not do other work in my class. Class time should be used appropriately for English work or independent reading (after quizzes/tests).
    • Participate in class
    • Communicate with me, especially if there is an issue. Communication is key to success.
    • Follow directions the first time they’re given.  If you need clarification, raise your hand.
    • Be seated in the classroom and except for throwing out paper or sharpening a pencil, please remain seated until you’re dismissed.
    • Make every effort to get to the bathroom during your passing time.
    • Get all of your sleep at home- not in class.


    Infractions on guidelines will be addressed with the following based on frequency and severity:

    • Verbal / written warning
    • Individual conference after class or after school
    • Phone call / email to parents
    • Discipline referral to assistant principal



    Plagiarism is “The action or practice of taking someone else’s work, idea, etc., and passing it off as one’s own; literary theft” (Oxford English Dictionary). Plagiarism is using someone’s work or words without giving them credit by using a proper citation, copying off another student’s work, or allowing someone to copy off of your work. In short, it is academic theft and will not be tolerated

    Penalties for cheating/plagiarism:

    • Cheating on a Test/Quiz = automatic zero
    • Cheating on Homework/Projects (copying someone else’s work OR allowing someone else to copy your work) automatic zero for both parties
    • Plagiarism on essays: automatic zero and write-up to my supervisor
    • When in doubt, cite it! (or ask!) It is always better to err on the side of caution
    • I will be able to catch plagiarism!