• Most Frequently Asked Questions By Parents
    1. What is the 1st step my son/daughter must take to receive their permit?


    They must take the test in school with their driver education class for free or take the test at the MVC for a fee of $35 and successfully pass with an 80% or above.


    2.  How long must my child have their permit in order to receive the provisional license at 17?

     Your child must have their permit for 6 months.


    3.  When can I set up an appointment for my child to complete their 6 Hours Behind The Wheel driving?

     As soon as they turn 16 and achieve at least an 80% on the knowledge test.


    4.  What if my child is already 16 or doesn’t have the driver education class until the 2nd semester?


    They can either wait to take it with the class or they can take it at the MVC for a fee.  You do not need to set up an appointment to take the knowledge test, however you must be there at least 1 hour before closing time.


    5.  What if my child loses their certificate card before they do their 6 hours?


     A duplicate card can be issued by his/her driver education teacher.


    6.  What must be completed to receive their permit?


     *Must be at least 16 years old
     *Must have signed parent or guardian consent
     *Must be enrolled in approved behind-the-wheel driving training course
     *Must pass MVC’s knowledge and vision tests
     *Must pay required fee


    7.  What are the restrictions while they have their permit or probationary license?


    Drivers holding a GDL license have the following restrictions placed upon them:
    • May not drive between 11:01 and 5:00am.
    • May not have more than one passenger (besides his or her dependents or is accompanied by a parent or guardian)
    • May not use a cell phone (including hands free) or any other hand-held electronic device (Note: GPS systems - portable or built in - and iPods connected to a vehicle's sound system are permitted, but a teen should not make any adjustments to these devices while driving)
    • May not plea-bargain any point carrying offense


    8.  What driving schools should we use to do the 6 hours? 
    There are three driving schools in the district, Medford Driving, Pinelands Driving,Teachers Driving School and Marlton Driving School that you can use.  You can also get recommendations from friends who have already had a son or daughter that has received their permit.  The cost is around $325.


    9.  What is the New Jersey Graduated Driver License Program?

     If a person is under 21 years old or has never had a driver license, New Jersey requires that they  complete a period of supervised driving before getting a basic driver license. The New Jersey  Graduated Driver License (GDL) program introduces driving privileges in phases.  There are  three options to complete the program:
    • The Early Bird Road, for 16 year old drivers,
    • The Young Adult Road, for drivers 17-21,
    • and The Adult Road, for drivers 21 and older  

    10.  What do I need to know about the decal requirements?
     The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission is distributing the decal, which must be displayed on a  vehicle's front and rear license plate when a permit or probationary license holder under 21 years  of age is driving.  The decal is:
    • Affixed with a Velcro system to allow for its removal when GDL holder is not behind the wheel.
    • Reflectorized so it can be seen at night
    • Non-descript (it is intended for law enforcement purposes)
    • $4 per pair at MVC agencies (Note: MVC is developing a bulk purchase program for driving and high schools, police departments and other organizations)


    11.  What happens if my son or daughter gets a moving violation ticket while they have their permit or provisional license?  
    If they accumulate one or more points in this period, they will not receive their basic unrestricted license at 18.  If they accumulate 4 or more points, they must attend a probationary driver’s class and will also not received their unrestricted driver’s license at 18.



    Medford Driving School
    205 Tuckerton Road
    Suite 206
    Medford, NJ 08055
    office 856-988-9886
    fax 856-396-3100


    Teachers Driving School
    4 Union Street
    Medford, NJ 08055
    (609) 678-0302


    Pinelands Driving School
    6 Linda Lane  Southampton Township, NJ 08088
    (609) 859-0422

    Marlton Driving School
    194 B Route 70 Unit 3
    Medford, NJ 08055
                   Email marltondrivingschool@yahoo.com