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Reward Points

  • To recognize the contributions of fellow members, students can earn points for their contributions to the club (see below). Members can reach status levels based on their points which yield rewards.

    Gray: 50 Points (Lanyard)
    Red: 100 (Crew Shirt)
    Bronze: 150 (Drawstring Backpack)
    Gold: 200 (Hoodie)

    Points -
    2 Points for each general meeting attended 
    2 Points for hosting an episode of Lenape Live
    5 Points for each Lenape Live segment produced and aired.
    5 Points for working crew for Lenape event or LDTV Sports game at LHS
    5 Points for attending a workshop 
    10 Points for directing/producing a Lenape event
    10 Points for producing a themed episode of the Lenape Live
    20 Points for submitting a contest/challenge entry
    20 Points for planning and running a workshop
    Additional points awarded at Ebbeson’s discretion for doing things/helping out