• Student Cafeteria Account Information

    The computerized POS (Point Of Sale) System allows parents to place money in their child's Cafeteria Account, either online or by a check; for meals and a la carte items. To add money to your child's Cafeteria Account, please visit the School Payment Portal.

    Things you will need when creating an account in Lunchtime:

    • Zip code of your student's school:
      • Cherokee: 08053
      • Lenape: 08055
      • Shawnee: 08055
      • Seneca: 08088
    • You will need your child's District Student ID
    • If you have the option to choose North or South Building (at Lenape & Cherokee)
      • Freshmen/Sophomores are in the South Building
      • Juniors/Seniors are in the North Building

    Each student has an account with a Student Meal 'PIN' number that will remain the same while they are at the Lenape Regional High School District. The Student Meal 'PIN' number assigned to your student was sent in the mail. Students will use their Student Meal 'PIN' number to access their Cafeteria Account only. This number will need to be entered into a keypad at the register. Memorizing this number will help avoid waiting in long lines.

    Freshmen and new students are scheduled to have their ID pictures taken at their Freshmen/New Student Orientation. Students will not be able to access the POS System until their ID pictures are added into their Cafeteria Account. This will allow the cashier to verify that a student is accessing his or her account only. All meals can be paid with cash at any time.

    • Freshmen lunch balances are NOT carried over from their previous schools.

    If your child is eligible for a Free or Reduced meal, the POS system provides complete confidentiality by using each student's own Cafeteria POS 'PIN' number. You can visit the Free and Reduced Meal website to apply online or to download the applications which are also mailed to every household.

    If you have any questions or comments, please call (856) 983-5140 Ext. 667400. If you reach voicemail, please leave a message, including your phone number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.