How Do I Configure Calendar Feeds?

All LRHSD Mobile App users have the ability to view and edit only the calendars that are important to them.

1. Tap on the Calendar icon to begin configuring your calendar settings.

  • There are 2 options available for viewing your calendar.  At the bottom of the screen you may choose between List view and Month view.

2. Tap the gear icon to display the list of calendar categories.

Calendar screen with arrow pointing to Gear icon.

3. Tap a category to display each of the calendars available within that section..

4. Select the calendars that are important to you.

5. Tap Back after selecting your calendars.

6. From the Setup Calendar screen, you can assign a particular color to each of your calendars.

A. Tap Colors from the Setup Calendar screen.

B. Select the calendar to which you want to assign a color.

C. Select the color from the list.

D. Repeat steps 6-8 to change additional calendars, or tap Done in the upper left-hand corner of the Edit Colors screen when finished.

7. When finished setting up your calendars, tap Done in the upper left-hand corner.