How Do I Log In?

1. After downloading the LRHSD Mobile App, tap to open it.

2. The first time that you open the LRHSD Mobile App, a notification that "LRHSD Would Like to Send You Notifications" will appear. Tap Allow.

3. You will then be lead through a simple app setup.

A. Select the 'Choose from list option' on the “Welcome!” screen.

B. Select the categories from which you would like to receive information and tap Close.

C. Tap Finish to complete initial setup.

  • Note: The options you select above can be changed from the Settings menu within the Calendar and News sections of the LRHSD Mobile App.  Refer to the Calendar settings page and the News settings page for more information.

4. From the app’s main screen, swipe left to the second screen of the app and tap Log In to access your LRHSD Mobile App student or parent account.

5. Enter your LRHSD Mobile App student or parent credentials.

  • Student Log In Instructions

    In the Login ID field students will enter their LRHSD ID number. In the Password field students will enter their LRHSD password. These are the same credentials used to log in to LRHSD student email accounts and to log in to LRHSD computers.

    Parent Log In Instructions

    LRHSD parents should have received an email titled "Accessing Blackboard" from "" providing them with their LRHSD Mobile App login ID and password. If you have not received this email please check your email’s spam folder.


  • If you are unable to log into your LRHSD Mobile App student or parent account please contact LRHSD Support:

6. After successfully logging into your LRHSD Mobile App account, you will be taken to the Configure Alerts Page and a notification will appear.

  • You can configure your notifications at this time or you can configure them later.  For information on how to configure your notifications, please click on the How Do I Configure Notifications? page.

A. Tap OK

B. Tap Home

7. After tapping Home you will be taken back to the second screen within the app.  Parents will see an icon with their name plus an icon for each of their students attending the LRHSD.

  • Note: If you only see 1 student but you have more than 1 student enrolled in the LRHSD, please contact LRHSD Support at (856) 396-4357 or

App Main Screen When Logged In

8. Parents: Once you have successfully logged in to your LRHSD Mobile App parent account, we highly recommend changing your password to one that is unique for you.

A. Tap on the icon with your name and on the next screen, tap Change Password.

B. Type in your current password and then type in your new password. Tap Save new password.

By tapping on a student’s icon you will have access to assignments, class grades, attendance, cafeteria balances and more.