Transfer Student Medical Information

  • Any student transferring from outside the Lenape Regional High School District must have a physical examination upon entry to school. Such students shall be given a maximum of 30 days after enrollment in school to obtain their physical examination from their previous physician or find a new physician for the physical examination. Please refer to Policy 5310: Health Services.

    A previous physical examination can only be accepted if done during adolescence (grade 7 through 12). For parents/guardians who are not able to obtain the student’s physical examination and do not have a medical home, the district shall provide this examination at the school physician’s office.

    If these requirements are not completed within the first 30 days of enrollment, the student will be excluded from school until requirements are met. If there are any question or concerns, please contact the school nurse.

    Cherokee High School

    Lenape High School

    Seneca High School

    Sequoia Alternative Program

    Shawnee High School