• Four-Day Rotating Schedule Questions & Answers


    When will the new schedule be implemented?

    The new schedule will be implemented at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.

    How many courses can students take in the new schedule?

    Students can take up to 8 courses like they can in the existing schedule.

    How many classes meet each day?

    6 classes meet each day - 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

    How long are the classes?

    Each class will be 57 minutes. 

    What are the benefits of six longer periods- instead of eight shorter periods – during the school day?

    There is more time for continuous instruction.  Classes will be 57 minutes and will allow for more active learning opportunities.  Longer periods provide time for research, framing the lesson, discussion, practice and closure as well as and other active learning strategies.  The LRHSD teaching staff is trained in the Research for Better Teaching program, which promotes active learning to improve student engagement.

    If the schedule changes every day, how will the students know what day of the schedule it is?

    The day and schedule will also be announced daily and posted around the building. The school website and pending LRHSD app will also indicate the day.

    What is the benefit of a rotating schedule?

    Students do not have the same class the same time each day.   This provides variety for both the students and staff.  For example, students who are generally not “morning” people will not have the same class the first period each day.  Students involved in sports who need to leave early on a given day will not miss the same class each time their team has a need to leave school before dismissal. 

    How does the length of instructional time in the new schedule compare to the old schedule?

    The Four-Day Rotating Schedule is a very efficient method of shaping a student’s day.  Much of the passing time (the time students are in the hallway getting to and from class) is eliminated in the new daily schedule; by doing this, by the end of the school year students receive approximately 33 additional hours of daily instructional time in the new schedule. And a five-credit course, for example, will gain an additional 135 minutes of instruction.

    If there is an unplanned school closing (snow day) what will the next instructional day be?

    The following school day in session will be the number day that was missed. For example, if school is closed on a “Day 2” the next day school is in session will be “Day 2” and students will follow the classes scheduled for that day.  This system is currently in place with our letter day schedule.

    What is Community Lunch and Learn? 

    Community Lunch and Learn is a time set aside in the middle of the day to encourage a sense of community among students and staff.  It gives students an opportunity to eat together, as well as pursue enrichment interests.  Lunch will be served in various locations throughout the buildings throughout the entire Community Lunch and Learn time.  In addition to the cafeteria there will be kiosks and snack stands situated throughout the building where students can purchase food.  Students will be able to purchase food and move around the building in designated areas.

    Can all the students fit into the cafeteria at once?  Is there a seat for every student?

    There will be a variety of locations designated by each school where students will be able to sit and eat lunch.  The cafeterias, media centers, some gymnasiums and hallways, outdoor courtyards, etc. will be locations where students may eat.  There will be a seat for every student and students will be made aware of all possible eating locations through their building orientations regarding the new schedule. 

    Who will supervise the students during Community Lunch and Learn?

    Administrators and staff will be assigned supervision duties in all hallways, large group eating areas and computer labs.

    What opportunities are available for students during Community Lunch and Learn?

    •                Use the media center for research or to complete assignments
    •                Schedule appointments with guidance counselor
    •                Enable time for peer counseling, tutoring, or peer mediation
    •                Get extra help with school work

    When will science labs be scheduled?

    Labs will occur when the actual class meeting time touches the lunch throughout the four-day rotation.  On days when this happens labs will “push” into the Community Lunch and Learn time by 20 minutes.  Students will have the remaining 30 minutes for lunch.

    Can a student take more than one lab science in a year?

    Yes. Since lab sciences will push into the Community Lunch and Learn time, they no longer need to be scheduled in conjunction with Health/PE classes.  Students are free to select more than 1 lab science course per year. 

    How will students know if their teachers are available to meet during Community Lunch and Learn?

    Teachers will communicate their availability during Community Lunch and Learn as they do now with extra help after school.

    Are electives affected? 

    No.  Electives are part of the 8 courses chosen and will rotate as all other classes.

    Does the new schedule affect after school help or club meetings?

    This schedule allows for more flexibility for students and staff to meet during the Community Lunch and Learn.  After school help will be available, as it is now, and will be handled individually based on teacher and student schedules.  Club meetings will continue to meet after school, but there is flexibility in the middle of the day for staff to meet with students as necessary. 

    Is the length of student day altered significantly in the new schedule?


    Is there a homeroom period?

    No.  Five minutes will be added to the first class of the day to take attendance, conduct the Pledge of Allegiance, and relay announcements.

    If there is no homeroom, who will the students report to outside in the event of an evacuation for attendance purposes?

    As part of our continuous training and drilling for emergency situations, all students will be trained to evacuate to predetermined locations where they will report to their “Day 1, Period 1” teacher. Regardless of what day of the week it is, “Day 1, Period 1” will be the consistent grouping in an evacuation; the “Day 1, Period 1” teacher will use their roster to account for every student.

    If I have concerns about how my child will acclimate to the Four-Day Rotating Schedule, whom should I contact?

    As this schedule will be new for everyone there will be a concerted effort made to acclimate all students to the new schedule.  If you have specific questions regarding your child please contact your building principal.