• Lenape Regional High School District
    “Builds a Better Schedule” 

    The Lenape Regional High School District will be implementing a four-day rotating student schedule district-wide beginning September 2015. Highlights of this schedule include six longer periods per day, a mid-day Community Lunch & Learn and additional daily instructional time.

    The New Student Schedule Committee researched for nearly a year and analyzed a variety of options, including visiting several New Jersey school districts, facilitating staff and parent focus groups, and large group presentations.

    According to Superintendent of Schools Carol Birnbohm, Ed.D., the result is a “student-focused” schedule designed to increase instructional time, reduce academic stress, promote accountability and personal responsibility, as well as teach time management skills with the goal of preparing students of all abilities for success in college, careers and life.

    “The site visits, research and collaboration with multiple district-wide stakeholders have resulted in a schedule that we believe meets the needs of all of our students,” said Birnbohm. “Enthusiasm for the new schedule has been building, especially and most importantly, among our students and staff."

    The new schedule enables students to take up to eight courses with just six classes per day on a four-day rotation, with the rotation beginning again every fifth day. Six longer (57 minutes) classes per day encourage more active learning opportunities, providing time for framing the lesson, research, writing, discussion, practice and closure as well as other active learning strategies.

    The new Community Lunch & Learn will encourage a sense of community among students and staff during a set period in the middle of the day. Lunch will be served in various locations throughout the buildings during this entire time period. Students will be able to purchase food at kiosks and snack stands situated throughout the building, as well as the cafeteria.

    In addition to eating lunch during the Community Lunch & Learn time, students also will be able to direct their remaining time to either use the media center for research, have access to hundreds of computers in various computer labs, complete assignments, schedule appointments with guidance counselors, participate in peer counseling, tutoring; or get extra help with schoolwork.

    Birnbohm added the district has built in supports for students to familiarize them with the new rotating schedule. “As this schedule will be new for everyone, there will be a concerted effort made to acclimate all students to the new schedule,” she said.

    Please click the links on the left to view a LDTV-produced video entitled “Building a Better Schedule” and for more information on the Lenape District's four-day rotating schedule.