•  NJSLA Assessment Overview, Test Dates & Resources

    The Lenape Regional High School District’s Spring 2019 New Jersey State Learning Assessment testing will occur during the morning, and all classes will rotate throughout the day. As per New Jersey Department of Education, all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, as well as seniors enrolled in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade English, will be administered the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment in English Language Arts (ELA) as listed below. In addition, students in grades nine through twelve enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry, Intro to Algebra II, and Algebra II will take the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment in those courses. Intro to Algebra II students will take the Algebra I New Jersey Student Learning Assessment. Students who “doubled up” in math by taking Geometry with Algebra I or II will not take the Geometry assessment. 

    • Tuesday, April 30 = ELA Grade 10
    • Wednesday, May 1 = Geometry
    • Thursday, May 2 = ELA Grade 9
    • Monday, May 20 = Algebra 2
    • Tuesday, May 21 = Algebra 1
    • Wednesday, May 22 = ELA Grade 11

    All students will report to each day’s regular scheduled first class (e.g. Class 2 on a Day 2) at the regular time. After daily attendance, students will report to their testing room if testing, stay in their first class, or be instructed where to report. The school day ends at the regular time. Students will receive testing details, including their testing times and rooms, by Thursday, April 18.  All students need to bring wired headphones or earbuds for all testing sessions and a graphing calculator for all Math testing sessions. Students are to leave all electronic devices and watches in their lockers before reporting to testing rooms. Students who bring cellphones or watches to testing rooms will be instructed to put them in their bags against the walls of the rooms. Every testing room has a clock, and the test proctors will tell the students how much time is remaining at regular intervals.

    Testing takes place before lunch each day, thus ensuring a full-length lunch for every student. Community Lunch and Learn will occur for 50 minutes (regular Lunch and Learn amount of time) each day of testing. Students, especially those with medical concerns, need to adjust accordingly to the change in their lunch times. No science labs will occur on testing days. Students absent any day of their tests will be scheduled for make-up testing. Please see the district website for additional information.

    Thank you for your support in making your student’s testing experience as successful as possible.

    2019 NJSLA Schedules