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    Dear Parent or Guardian,

                This letter is to inform you of an upcoming social event for JROTC cadets and their guests. The event is the JROTC Military BallOn the 13th of March 2020 our cadets along with Army Junior ROTC cadets from Lenape and Pemberton High Schools and Air Force cadets from Seneca High School will be participating in the Annual Joint Service Military ball.

               The Military Ball or dining-out is an age-old tradition. The Ball is an occasion for which military personnel dress in their finest uniforms. Female cadets will have the option of wearing their uniform or a gown. A Military Ball is an opportunity for cadets, instructors, parents, and guests to interact in a social, albeit formal, setting. The evening consists of a formal receiving line, the posting and retrieving of the colors (flags), a formal dinner, a guest speaker and a dance. In addition, all cadets who are seniors will be recognized individually during the evening.

               I am aware that if left on their own devices, many cadets would opt to simply stay at home and not be involved with the Ball. The Ball is an extension of the classroom. Cadets will learn how to dress at formal occasions, how to conduct themselves, how to interact with other guests, and have fun at the same time. Parents may purchase tickets also and will be seated at adult only tables.

              Senior cadets are assigned to coordinate the Ball under the supervision of JROTC instructors. Team building, communication, and planning are skills honed by the senior cadets.

               As we get closer to the Ball date, there will be additional information posted on the ROTC web page. I request your cooperation in encouraging your cadet to participate in the Military Ball. Without your parental support the Ball will not reach the goal of reinforcing classroom lessons outside the classroom.

               The 2020 Ball is being held at LUCIEN'S, 81 WEST WHITE HORSE PIKE, BERLIN, NJ 08009 TEL: 856-768-9444. The receiving line opens at 1830. Cost per ticket is $50. (The NJROTC program will offset the price. Final cost is $40) Deadline is 28 February 2020.



                Please check our web page and calendar for updated information as we get closer to the event date. If there are any questions, our email addresses are listed below.     

    Semper Fidelis

    Rory F Meehan                                                           Barry M. Harvey 

    Major USMC (Ret)                                                     Chief, USN (Ret.)

    Senior Naval Science Instructor                               Naval Science Instructor

    rmeehan@lrhsd.org                                                                    bharvey@lrhsd.org