• Please read the following information carefully. It will help you prepare for the State Career Development Conference (SCDC).
    • SCDC - Blue Division is on March 4-6, 2019 at Harrah's in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
    • Our itinerary is as follows:
      Monday, March 4th: Opening Session
      Not attending
      Tuesday, March 5th: Competition
      Depart Lenape for Harrah's: 7:00 am Report to the LGI by 6:45 am
      Finalists - Depart Harrah's for Lenape: approximately 4:00 pm
      Depart Harrah's for Lenape: 9:00pm
      Wednesday, March 6th: Grand Awards Session - FINALISTS ONLY
      Depart Lenape for Harrah's: 6:30 am Report to the South Café by 6:15 am
      Depart Harrah's for Lunch: 10:30 am
      Depart Lunch for Lenape: 1:30 pm 
    • Role-Play Times - COMING SOON
    • Sign up for the YAPP APP. DECA will provide a code at States. This will show you all of the workshops that you can attend.
    • If you do not attend, you will owe Lenape High School $105.00.
    • You are responsible for arranging transportation home on Tuesday. Students must travel to and from the event on the bus and may not be picked up early at Harrah's
    • You are responsible for any missed work. 
    • Continue preparing for your competitive event.
    • You must adhere to the dress codeClarification: No Boots/Boat Shoes (Sperrys)
    • Wear your name badge (to be distributed) and DECA lapel pin at all times.
      Bring money to buy lunch, snacks, etc., or pack your own. - You can have food delivered but must pick it up in the lobby.
    • Bring your schoolwork and/or something to keep you occupied during down time (e.g., book, phone, game, etc.). DECA and Lenape High School are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal property.
    • Let the chaperone in the hotel room know where you are going (e.g., role-playing, eating, workshops).
    • Use the buddy system.
    • If you are not competing, attending a workshop, or eating you should be in the hotel room
    • You may bring comfortable clothes to change into after you compete.
    • Bring a sufficient supply of sharpened pencils. 
    • You may need to use a calculator. You are responsible for bringing your own four function calculator. Graphing/scientific calculators and cell phones are not allowed.