• Block Letters

  • What is Block Letter Format?
    All parts of a letter (including paragraphs) begin at the left margin (LM)
    Widely used for both personal and business correspondence.

    There are 2 Types of Block Style Letters:
    1 – Personal – Business Letter - without letterhead
    2 – Business Letter - with letterhead


    All parts are the same for both types except the presentation of the return address and the location of the date.
    Return Address
    o Personal – Consists of a line for the street address and one for the city, state and ZIP code
    o Business – Letterhead includes a company name, street address, city, state, and ZIP code.  (Normally preprinted)
    o Personal – Key the month, day and year one the line below the city, state and ZIP code
    o Business – Key at the top margin
    Letter Address – 
    o QS below the date
    o A personal title (Miss, Mr. Mrs.) or a professional title (Dr. Lt.) is typically used before the receiver’s name.
    Salutation (Greeting)
    o DS below the letter address
    Body (Message)
    o DS below the salutation
    o SS and block paragraphs
    o DS between paragraphs
    Complimentary Close (Farwell)
    o DS below the last line of the body
    Name of Writer (Originator of the message)
    o QS below the complimentary close
    o The name may be preceded by a personal title and/or followed by a title or department name, separated by a comma or may be keyed on the next line at the left margin.  


    Reference Initials – If someone other than the originator of the letter keys it, key the keyboard operator’s initials in lowercase letters at the LM a DS below the writer’s name, title, or departments
    Attachment/Enclosure Notation – If another document is attached to a letter, the word Attachment is keyed at the left margin a DS below the reference initials.  If the document is not attached, the word Enclosure is used instead.  If reference initials are not used, Attachment or Enclosure is keyed a DS below the writer’s name or title.
    Attention Line – If a letter is addressed to a company, the address may include an attention line (the first line of the address) to call the letter to the attention of a department or a job title.
    Subject Line –Sometime a subject line is used to alert the reader immediately to the content of a letter.  A subject line is keyed in ALL CAPS at the left margin a DS below the salutation.
    Copy Notation – If a letter is being sent to someone other that the addressee, a copy © notation would be keyed a DS below the enclosure or the reference initials
    Blind Copy Notation – When a copy of a letter is being sent to someone without disclosing to the addressee of the letter, a blind copy (bc) notation is used.  When used, blind copy are keyed at the left margin a DS below the last letter part on all copies of the letter except the original.  
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