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    Lab Safety Sign Assignment

    Overview:  Your task for this assignment will be to desing a lab safety sign that could be displayed in our classroom.  The assignment will be graded based on the requirements listed below.



    1. You must use Power Point to create the sign and need to submit it via email as a JPEG.
    2. The sign must list at least 3 electrical safety and 2 general safety rules from the notes.
    3. The sign must also include at least 3 pictures (there can be more).  One picture must be an image of an electrical burn.
    4. The sign's theme should get the attention of someone in the classroom and should be recognized as a safety sign.
    5. Must have your name and period # listed in the lower right hand corner.

    How to save a Power Point file as a JPEG:

    1. When you're done click; "File" -> "Save As"
    2. In the dialog box that appears change the "Save as type" field to "JPEG File Interchange Format".
    3. Name your file and save it to your H-drive.
    4. Post the file to your wiki when it is complete with the proper assignment heading.




    You must get at least a 90% to be able to use the equipment.


    Soldering Resources

    • http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/solder.htm
    • http://www.leadsdirect.f9.co.uk/solderingsafetytips.htm
    • http://www.ee.ryerson.ca:8080/~jkoch/Soldering_safety.html