Season 2


    Episode 6

    Day 6 - Part 2 

    The conclusion of Day 6 – Jim Hessler, Janet Pulverenti, Fred Rucker, and Kathy Ware each have a lot to do before the end of the day.

    At Cherokee, Janet meets with her supervisor to discuss her evaluation.  In English 3, her juniors review for the SAT before continuing their discussion on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

    Following her classes, Kathy and the FCCLA club hold a smoothie sale to raise money for the students attending this year’s national conference.  Kathy also works with students on Project Beautiful, as they make notes to post around Shawnee.

    At Seneca, Fred covers the movement westward in U.S. History and then heads outside after school to help supervise the day’s sporting events.

    Jim’s astronomy class researches different types of telescopes while another physics class watches as waves travel along a spring.  After school, Jim and the Storm Robotics team are ecstatic as they finally get the robot’s shooter working. 

    Episode 5

        Day 6 - Part 1 

    Today is full of activity for Lenape science teacher Jim Hessler, Cherokee English teacher Janet Pulverenti, Seneca humanities teacher and Assistant Athletic Director Fred Rucker, and Shawnee family and consumer sciences teacher Kathy Ware.

    At Lenape, Jim has several interesting demonstrations planned for his physics students. This morning he will set up the flame tube to help students visualize sound waves, and later he will use the Van der Graaf generator to help everyone understand how an electrical field works.

    For Kathy, Fashion & Clothing 3 students are working on various garments and accessories that will be evaluated as part of their final exam.  Students in this class draft their own patterns and work on other advanced design elements.  Later Kathy heads to the Shawnee Rack, to check in on the students volunteering in the school’s very own thrift store.

    Fred Rucker spends the first part of the morning preparing for his classes as well as what will be a full day of Seneca sports.  He and Athletic Director Brad Bauer, work closely to make sure everything is ready for today’s events.  In World Geography, Fred supplements a lesson on Germany with pictures from his time growing up in the European nation.

    During homeroom at Cherokee, Janet tries to help an aspiring English teacher decide on the right courses to take during her senior year.  In English IV, Janet and her seniors tackle some heavy issues as they discuss The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 

    Episode 4

    Day 5 - Part 2 

    The conclusion of Day 5 - Kathy Donoghue, Margaret Fanourgakis, Heidi Hirshblond, and Loraine Lord-Morgan wrap up classes for the day, but they still have a lot of teaching left to do. 

    At Seneca, Kathy works with sophomore students on how to best research careers in Earth Science.  After school, she’s hanging photos of students and staff participating in a school-wide community service project to benefit those suffering from cancer.

    Loraine’s business students are also working on a community service project.  They are designing flyers to promote Cherokee’s Senior Day of Service to the school’s twelfth graders.  At the end of the day, Loraine visits two local businesses to check on the progress of two of her students in the Cooperative Business Education program.

    Before the end of the school day, Heidi and her students clean, organize, and restock Lenape’s school store – The Trading Post – in preparation for this evening’s Eighth Grade Parent Night. Heidi will be joined by one of her Retail Careers students at tonight’s event.

    After school, Margaret and the Shawnee girls volleyball team decorate the gymnasium in advance of tonight’s Dig Pink volleyball game against sister school Cherokee.  The annual game raises money and awareness for breast cancer research in honor of a family member of a former teammate.

    Episode 3

    Day 5 - Part 1

    It’s a new day for Seneca media specialist Kathy Donoghue, Shawnee health & physical education teacher Margaret Fanourgakis, Lenape special education teacher Heidi Hirshblond, and Cherokee business teacher Loraine Lord-Morgan.

    For Kathy, the Seneca library will be a busy place today.  There are several classes coming in to work on projects and Kathy will also be working on promoting the upcoming One Book, One School events.

    Heidi begins the morning at the local bagel shop, where she picks up treats to sell in Lenape’s school store – The Trading Post.  The store serves as a classroom for special education students to learn retail careers and job skills that they will use after graduation.

    At Shawnee, it’s all about pink for Margaret and her Shawnee girls volleyball team as tonight they face Cherokee in a charity volleyball game.  Before then, Margaret teaches a valuable lesson to her senior health class.

    Loraine and her Cherokee business students work on promoting the upcoming Senior Day of Service and also learn about benefits offered by different companies.

    Episode 2

    Day 4 - Part 2

    The conclusion of Day 4 - John Fitzpatrick, Tim Gushue, Grace McCloskey, and Mary Ann Stecher continue to work with their students, both in class and after school. 

    At Lenape, Mary Ann's German IV class enjoys some food as they present their projects and converse in groups.  Later, Mary Ann takes her knowledge bowl students to Allentown High School for the preliminary rounds of their next tournament.

    After overseeing the student parking lot at the end of the school day, John works with students in the Cherokee High Racing Association on various projects after school, including modifications to the club's racecar.

    Shawnee Football Head Coach Tim Gushue works with his team to finalize the game plan for tonight's match-up with the Cherokee Chiefs.  During the game, Tim must do his best to get the most from his players and slow down a potent Cherokee offense.

    And at Seneca, Grace is the advisor for tonight's charity volleyball tournament and she takes care of some final preparations before the gymnasium fills with student participants and spectators. 

     Episode 1

    Day 4 - Part 1

    In the season premiere, Shawnee health & physical education teacher Tim Gushue, Seneca business teacher Grace McCloskey, Lenape world language teacher Mary Ann Stecher, and Cherokee technology teacher John Fitzpatrick are all preparing for another day of teaching.

    Tim, who also serves as Shawnee's head football coach, has a big day ahead as tonight his Renegades will take on sister school and rival, Cherokee.  He starts off the day with a nutritional breakfast for his health class and a team building exercise at "The Team Wall."

    Along with her regular classes, Grace is Seneca's coordinator for scholarships.  She is also collecting registrations for tonight's charity dodgeball tournament, of which she is an advisor.

    Mary Ann's first class has some fun with Scrabble.  Later, she does her best fortune teller impression to illustrate how to speak about the future in German.

    After his morning parking lot duty, John returns to the shop where the automotive students with be assembling lawn mower engines.  In home improvement, they review different types of cuts with the hand saw and circular saw. 


Season 1

  • Episode 6
    Day 3 - Part 2

    The conclusion of Day 3 - District trainers and full time teachers Tom Tamburello and Eileen Forbes wrap up their six day professional development course that helps educate teachers on how to deal with obstacles to student achievement in the classroom.  Following the course summarizer, Tom learns whether or not he will receive his trainer certification for the course.

    At Lenape, Bill Seng's science skills class reviews the results of their solar oven experiment.  Bill also helps students from his earth science class as they work to complete their projects after school.

    After Shawnee High School communication technology teacher Brian Pistone assists his third year students with completion of their documentaries, he heads to the lacrosse field to help with today's LDTV Sports production.

    Episode 5
    Day 3 - Part 1

    Lenape High School math teacher Tom Tamburello and Cherokee High School special education teacher Eileen Forbes spend the day educating teachers instead of students.  Tom and Eileen are instructors for the district's professional development program - Research for Better Teaching.  Today they are talking with other teachers about how to overcome obstacles that can inhibit student achievement in the classroom.

    At Lenape, science teacher Bill Seng prepares a video presentation to review the success of solar ovens his Science Skills class constructed and tested.  Bill also helps his Earth Science class wrap up their Google Earth projects and challenges them to think "outside the box."

    After Shawnee High School communication technology teacher Brian Pistone assists with the production of the Shawnee morning show, he welcomes elementary students who are visiting the TV studio as part of National Take Your Child to Work Day.

    Episode 4
    Day 2 - Part 2

    The conclusion of Day 2 - Margaret Fanourgakis, Frank Guerrini, Brian Pistone, and Bill Seng work with their students and see them through some challenging situations.  Shawnee communication technology teacher Brian Pistone assists Principal Matt Campbell in planning a new video conferencing classroom and begins assessing the final phases of several student documentaries.  After school, Mr. Kessler arrives for his interview but the students conducting the interview are no where to be found.

    Also at Shawnee, health and physical education teacher Margaret Fanourgakis has some fun playing shuffleboard with her adaptive physical education class before preparing for and producing tonight's Mr. Shawnee pageant.

    Lenape High School science teacher Bill Seng's earth science class participates in a lab on radiometric dating to determine the age of rocks.  After school Bill assists students in making up a lab assignment and attends a meeting with the district technology committee to discuss one-to-one computing.

    And at Cherokee, choral director Frank Guerrini and his Concert Choir put on a preview concert during 13th period in the Media Center.  Frank is less than pleased with the group's focus during the show and must get them back in the proper frame of mind before they take the stage at tonight's holiday concert.

    Episode 3
    Day 2 - Part 1

    Shawnee communication technology teacher Brian Pistone arrives early to help his students with all the preparation required to produce the school's daily televised morning show.  Following the show, Brian will meet with his television production classes and make sure they are on track and will be able to meet their deadlines.

    Also at Shawnee, health and physical education teacher Margaret Fanourgakis meets with the contestants of tonight's "Mr. Shawnee" pageant to explain some final details.  Later in senior health, Margaret teaches an important lesson on how easy it can be to contract a life altering disease.

    Lenape High School science teacher Bill Seng begins by testing a variety of technological devices that he will use during his lessons today.  Laptops, desktop computers, and mobile learning devices will all be utilized in Bill's classes to help engage students.

    And at Cherokee, choral director Frank Guerrini and his singers have time for just one more rehearsal before tonight's winter concert.  Frank's senior students, the Cherokee Concert Choir, are also preparing for a preview performance during school in the Media Center.

    Episode 2
    Day 1 - Part 2

    The conclusion of Day 1 - Frank Guerrini, Tim Moran, Lynne Ritter, & Tom Tamburello continue to connect with their students during class and after school.  From auditions to sports to catering the dance, there is still a lot of work to be done and the day is far from over. 
    Tim Moran continues to connect with his students during class as well as after school, where he provides more extra help.  Frank Guerrini works on getting his upper level groups in the right frame of mind for performing and hones in on just the right sound.
    Tom Tamburello finishes the school day by offering more extra help.  However, his day is long from over.  After school he operates the scoreboard for the junior varsity and varsity boys basketball games against Eastern.  Lynne Ritter's day is also far from concluding as she and the sophomore class officers prepare for the this evening's Sophomore Cotillion.  She also serves as the caterer and chaperone for the event as well.

    Episode 1
    Day 1 - Part 1

    In the series premiere, Lenape math teacher Tom Tamburello, Cherokee music teacher Frank Guerrini, Shawnee english teacher Tim Moran, and Seneca family & consumer science teacher Lynne Ritter are all preparing for a full day of teaching.  Tom arrives at school early to prepare lessons, grade quizzes, and test the computers in his classroom.  Frank is preparing his choral students for next week's holiday concert and Tim begins the day by collecting books to be donated to children in Africa.  Lynne and her student council homeroom also arrive early to deliver flowers to students as part of a fundraiser for the sophomore class.
    As the school day begins, all the educators proceed with their lessons.  During their 'prep' periods, Tom and Tim offer extra help to students who want to improve their grades.  Frank continues to push his choral students to not just sing the right notes, but to be and feel the music.  Lynne manages moving to different classrooms and writing a letter of recommendation.