• Become a Guest on Where Are They Now?

    We are looking for alumni from the Class of 2014 and all previous years from Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee & Seneca. Nominations are welcome from classmates, parents and teachers.  In addition to individual interviews, we welcome group interviews of spouses who graduated from district schools, siblings who have unique careers and even inter-generational interviews of families – a parent and child, each of whom graduated from one of our schools.

    If you are interested in nominating an alumnus, please view our list of past guests that have already appeared on Where Are They Now? If your suggestion is not on this list, you can nominate them.  If you are interested in being considered for an interview, please fill out an online form. Alumni who do not live in the immediate area can be interviewed remotely.
    A review panel will select alumni for interviews from the list of nominees.

    Where Are They Now?

    Lenape District Television (LDTV), the Lenape Regional High School District's educational access channel, produces an award-winning alumni interview show entitled Where Are They Now?  The program features graduates of Lenape, Shawnee Cherokee and Seneca high schools who have attained a special level of recognition within their career field.

    The program received two awards in 2004: The NSPA (National School Public Relations Association): Award of Merit - For Distinguished Achievement and the NJSBA (New Jersey School Boards Association): Award of Merit: Community Outreach.

    Since 2002, the program has featured more than 180 alumni from Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee and Seneca high schools in a variety of professions. We also have the capability of interviewing alumni located all over the world through video conferencing. LDTV has conducted interviews with alumni from sites throughout the United States and also from the countries of Chile, Uganda, Italy, Australia and China.  Married couples and relatives can also be interviewed on the same episode.  One of our episodes featured the interview of four members of "The Hixon," a heavy metal band made up of Cherokee graduates from the classes of 1986 and 1988.
    LDTV can be viewed on the two local cable TV networks: Comcast - Channel 19 and Verizon FiOS - Channel 21.  You can also view certain LDTV shows on the LDTV YouTube channel.  Every week LDTV publishes a program schedule.  The schedule will list the times that Where Are They Now? will air and the names of the interviewees.  We have also posted past Where Are They Now? programs on our YouTube channel.
    Watch one of our recent episodes below: