·       Developing AIR values of accountability, integrity, respect

    o  Accept responsibility for all actions and expect others to do the same

    o  Do the right thing, even if no one is watching

    o  Treat every member of the Cherokee Community as a person of value

    ·       Setting academic goals

    o  Understand setbacks and challenges are part of the learning process

    o  Evaluate your progress in order to set goals

    ·       Thinking independently

    o  advocate for your own learning by utilizing all available resources

    o  become self-reliant by recognizing your strengths and improving your weaknesses

    ·       Managing time productively

    o  Work before play

    o  Complete important tasks first and avoid interruptions

    o  Finish and submit assignments before their due dates

    ·       Communicating clearly in speaking and writing

    o  Choose your words precisely and logically based on what you want to say, to whom you are speaking, and where you are

    o  Words are powerful, so use care and thought in what you write and rewrite

    o  Understand that speaking is an action and our words define us: think before you speak

    ·       Being organized

    o  Keep track of assignments, deadlines, and appointments

    o  Keep class notes, handouts, and materials in a specific folder or binder for each class

    ·       Applying study skills effectively

    o  Take notes in class and make note cards to study

    o  Review nightly even when there is no other homework

    o  Study somewhere free of distractions (like the environment of a test)

    ·       Recovering and learning from setbacks

    o  Put things into perspective and view setbacks as learning experiences

    o  Challenge yourself to refocus your attention and set new goals

    ·       Responding to directions promptly and completely

         o  Listen to and read all directions carefully for all coursework, including tests, labs, essays, and projects

    o  Recheck the directions or ask your classmates and teacher if you are uncertain of what is being asked

    ·       Using technology appropriately 

    o  Use technology as a tool for school work, research, and positive communication

    o  Respect the power and permanence of messages sent through social media