• Shawnee Extra- Fall 2013

    by Shawnee TV Length: 23:42

    0:18 Girls Softball
    2:53 Blue Crew
    5:01 Boys Tennis
    7:28 Shawnee Singers
    10:02 Boys Lacrosse
    12:05 Environmental Club
    14:15 Shawnee Golf
    16:38 Boys Track
    18:21 Boys Baseball
    20:43 Girls Lacrosse
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  • Final RMS Season 12

    by Shawnee TV Length: 9:34
    Finally! The end of the year is here and graduation is upon us! This week, all of the ShawneeTV Seniors host the final show of the year! We started off with a Speed Script Season Recap, then we take it to a This is Shawnee Finale, and Finally, we end the year with a segment on the importance of story telling. Have a fantastic summer!
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