The CFM outlines "how" to wear the uniform. 

    Do not print the CFM. A new CFM will be provided once school begins. This electronic version can be downloaded for reference.


    Personnel Inspection & bearing: each cadet is required to wear his or her uniform as directed by the SNSI/NSI.  Uniform inspections are graded and carry the same weight as an exam.

    • Failure to wear the uniform on designated uniform days will result in a Zero assigned. 
    • Only an excused absence as defined by the LRHSD will allow a missed uniform day to be made-up.
    • Second time inspections are not permitted unless a student is absent and that absence is accepted as excused by CHS or arrangments have been made with the instructor prior to the inspection. If a make-up is allowed under the conditions outlined above, the make-up will be the next school day.   
    • Forgetting to wear the uniform or failure to plan are not acceptable excuses!
    • Grooming standards will be maintained as per program guidelines and SNSI/NSI discretion.