• NJROTC Chain-Of-Command

    1. President of the United States   Donald Trump         
    2. Vice President of the United States    The Honorable Mike Pence
    3. Secretary of State    The Honorable  Mike Pompeo
    4. Secretary of Defense   The Honorable Patrick Shanahan
    5. Director of Homeland Security    The Honorable Kirstjen Nielsen
    6. Secretary of the Navy    The Honorable Richard V. Spencer
    7. Chief of Naval Operations    Admiral John Richardson
    8. Commandant of the Marine Corps    General Robert Neller
    9. Commandant of the Coast Guard    Admiral Karl Schultz
    10. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON (SG/SW/IW) Russell Smith
    11. Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps    Sergeant Major Troy E. Black
    12. Commander, Naval Education Training Command Rear Admiral Kyle J. Cozad
    13. Commander, Naval Service Training Command Rear Admiral Milton J. Sands
    14. NJROTC Area 4 Manager Commander Jimmie Miller USN (Ret)
    15. Senior Naval Science Instructor Major Rory Meehan USMC (Ret)
    16. Naval Science Instructor   Chief Barry Harvey USN (Ret)