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    1. Sign-up for Remind  Just text @43a28 To 81010 or (856) 512-0721

    2. and/or Follow us on Twitter:@CherokeeNJROTC .......

    3. and/or download the LRHSD App and select the Naval Junior ROTC calendar under Cherokee clubs.

    The Cherokee Chiefs NJROTC Program has been recognized by the Navy Junior ROTC chain of command for Unit Achievement EIGHT years in a row. 2009-2017. Great job cadets!

    During the last 9 years, Cherokee Naval Junior ROTC grads have been awarded OVER 4 million dollars in educational monies via Military Academies, ROTC scholarships at both private and public colleges, Army National Guard tuition programs, the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) scholarships, the Cherokee NJROTC Boosters scholarships, and the GI Bill for those who have completed enlistments and are now in college.

    NJROTC Booster club meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month. 

    Reminder: NJROTC SAT/ACT Online Crs is FREE! Go to NJROTC web page and select SAT/ACT link. Non-cadets @ Cherokee may use also. Pass the word. Mobile App also.

    We will be staying after school T/W/Th beginning this week beginning 5 Sept. 1600 the late bus departs. Voluntary. Drill/Color Guard/Misc

    The uniforms are issued at no charge to the student/family. The tailoring is done on the JROTC account free of charge to you (please see tailoring note).

    A school physical is required for JROTC extracurricular activities. These activities include the drill teams, raider teams, athletic teams and all camps. The physical is good for one year and also fills the requirement for sports participation. Go to the Cherokee main web page and select the athletics department. You will reach the "How to register for athletic Participation" Complete all steps if you are also playing a fall sport. Skip step 2 if you are only doing NJROTC. Do not turn in the physical to the JROTC staff. Please bring to the School athletic trainer (north or south main office for further directions). 

    All NJROTC after school "activities" require student's families to pay the activities/sports fee. This includes drill teams, color guard, academic team, physical fitness team, raider team, cadet challenge, and overnight trips. The fee is good for not only NJROTC but all activities and sports.