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    Governor's School of New Jersey is a unique summer program committed to meeting the educational needs of academically talented high school students who have completed 11th grade. Emphasis is placed on leadership training and problem-solving of complex issues that exist on local, state, national, and international levels. The Governor's School is an intensive residential learning experience held on two college campuses throughout the state. Students can apply to two schools: Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology and Governor’s School of the Sciences.  Please contact Mr. David Belville at dbelville@lrhsd.org with any questions.

    Governor's School of Engineering and Technology
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Piscataway, New Jersey
    Governor's School of Engineering and Technology is a residential program at Rutgers School of Engineering. Its purpose is to develop, create and implement a comprehensive summer residential enrichment program of study. Emphasis will be placed on Engineering and Technology for high school juniors who possess outstanding skills and display unusual abilities and interests in the field. http://soe.rutgers.edu/gset

    Selection Criteria
    The selection committee for the Governor's School of Engineering & Technology aims to craft a student body made up of New Jersey's most talented and enthusiastic students. Our student body should be diverse in myriad ways. Our students should possess a great range of gifts in technology, the arts, humanities, and the sciences. Overall, the committee chooses the students who will best take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Governor’s School.
    Decisions are based on the following qualitative and quantitative criteria:


    • The student’s high school transcript and class rank, which should demonstrate that the student is at or near the top of his or her class.
    • The student’s essays and reasons for wanting to attend the Governor’s School
    • Letters of recommendation
    • The student’s extracurricular activities and community service pursuits
    • The student’s academic and extracurricular honors and accomplishments
    • The student’s standardized test scores (PSAT preferred)

    We expect Governor's Scholars to exhibit great creativity and a unique passion for the nature of our Governor's School. We look for students who have shown a strong interest in engineering, technology, science, and mathematics, as well as an open mind and the ability to work on a team to explore these interests further. We want to know what a student hopes to gain from the Governor's School experience, as well as what he or she hopes to contribute to the program. In general, students who have demonstrated a fervent interest in engineering and technology both inside and outside of the classroom will be most successful in the admissions process. A student with perfect standardized test scores but only a superficial interest in the nature of the school is not a competitive candidate. Of course, our scholars are not only devoted to engineering and technology but also have outstanding test scores and rank at the absolute top of their class. We are privileged to choose the best of the best.

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