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    Governor's School of New Jersey is a unique summer program committed to meeting the educational needs of academically talented high school students who have completed 11th grade. Emphasis is placed on leadership training and problem-solving of complex issues that exist on local, state, national, and international levels. The Governor's School is an intensive residential learning experience held on two college campuses throughout the state. Students can apply to two schools: Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology and Governor’s School of the Sciences.  Please contact Mr. Dave Belville @ dbelville@lrhsd.org with any questions.


    Governor's School in the Sciences

    Drew University

    Madison, New Jersey


    The mission of Governor's School in the Sciences is to broaden the scholars' appreciation and knowledge of science through exposure to a range of scientific topics and scientists. In this regard, career exploration and choice is woven through the program. A second objective is to introduce scientific research to the scholars via hands-on research experience in a student's area of interest. Resources from Drew's strong undergraduate science program as well as from New Jersey's industrial, governmental, and academic science establishments are used to accomplish these objectives. Thus Governor's School in the Sciences at Drew University provides a series of courses, laboratories, projects, field trips, seminars, lectures, and other activities centered on math and science.


    Criteria for Selecting Candidates

    The following general criteria are used to help identify gifted and talented students who will be particularly benefited by this program:

    First, the student must be interested in the nature of the school. The student should expect to be immersed in an intensive and enriching program in the sciences. We expect him or her to have an ongoing interest in science and a strong desire to pursue this interest.

    Second, the student must be willing to attend the full session. Saturdays and Sundays make up part of the program, hence there will be no weekend leaves of absence.

    Third, the student must have at least a B average in academic course grades (excluding gym and shop courses) and should rank at least in the 90th percentile on any standardized tests he or she has taken. High ability in mathematics must be demonstrated by strong scores in the PSAT/SAT examination. In other words, students should have demonstrated by their achievements that they can hold their own in interactions with the most ”academically talented” students. The most creatively gifted and talented students will not always devote their gifts solely to earning the highest grades and will divide their time between school and other creative and scientific activities. Such students can be appropriate candidates for the Governor’s School.

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