LDTV Awards General Rules

    1. Students should submit entries to their teacher.  The teacher will then fill out the online entry form.
    • Unless otherwise noted, entries should be submitted under the name of the producer(s) ONLY.
    • Note: Should your entry win an award, the information on this form will be used (as it is entered) for all titles, graphics, etc. in the LDTV Awards production - so please check spelling!
    2. Entries should be appropriate for broadcast on LDTV and conform to LDTV policies and regulations. This includes all necessary release form(s).
    3. Entries must be approved by the student's Television Broadcasting Teacher and submitted electronically via the LDTV server.
    • Export your file as a Quicktime or MP4, double-check your file to make sure it plays properly!
    • The name of the file should include the category and project name and be formatted as follows: newspack_SchoolStore.mov
    4. Entries should begin with a slate formatted with the following information:
    • Category
    • School
    • Producer's name(s)
    • Title of Entry
    • Total Running Time (TRT) of Entry
    Entries without this information will not be judged.

    5. Entries may not include copyrighted material (i.e. music, videos, photos, graphics, etc.) without a signed release form. Entries will be disqualified if they include any of the aforementioned copyrighted material. If you think there is even the slightest chance that you have any copyrighted material included in your entry, you should remove it.

    Do not diminish your chances of winning because of copyright issues. If there is some doubt whether or not your entry has copyrighted material included in it, the judges reserve the right to request proof that it is not copyrighted material.
    Below are some examples of what will get an entry disqualified:
    • Having people singing copyrighted music/lyrics in your entry.
    • Including graphics or images that you downloaded from sites like Google Images.
    • Including videos downloaded from sites like YouTube.
    6. Entries produced by current students between April 2021 and April 2022 are eligible.
    7. Entries should demonstrate as many items in each category as possible. This means you may have to edit entries to meet the requirements of each category. Keep in mind that certain categories have very specific rules regarding how you may edit the entry.
    8. Make sure you submit only the portion to be judged, do not exceed times listed for each category.
    9. If appropriate, one production may be submitted to more than one category.