"Best of School" entries only compete against entries from their school. Each of the four high schools will receive an award for each category: Demo Reel, PSA, News Package and On-Air Talent.


    Unless otherwise noted, all entries should be submitted by the producer(s) ONLY.

    *10 points will be deducted from the overall score of each entry for incorrect spelling.


    DEMO REEL - (maximum 4 minutes) Entry should be a compilation of only a single student’s work from the current school year.  The reel should not consist of fast cuts to random clips from all different types of work.  Give each piece the time it deserves, no more, no less. You may include content from entries submitted in other LDTV Awards categories as well as content that does not have a category, e.g., morning announcements, special events, school concerts, etc.



    When submitting, include a Demo Reel Breakdown (DRB).  We want to know what you did on this reel.  The DRB should tell us what we're watching and what YOU did on it.  It should be a separate PDF with the same file name as your video entry (see LDTV Awards General Rules for info on how to name your file).  It should clearly include the same information as in the example below.  Number each piece in your DRB and put a 5-second slate at the beginning of each piece in your video with the number that corresponds to the DRB.

    DRB Example: 
Steven Spielberg


    The following criteria will be used:

    1. Would the employer hire you?

    2. Did you keep the attention of the viewer?

    3. Did you show a variety of your work?

    4. What was the quality of your work?


    PSA - (maximum 1 minute) Entry must be a public service announcement with a goal to convey, demonstrate or inform the audience about a particular topic. The winning PSA from each school will compete in the Best of District PSA category.


    The following criteria will be used:

    1. Clear presentation of message

    2. Clean, effective editing

    3. Effective use of audio (music, voice over, natural sound)

    4. Creativity

    5. Overall presentation


    NEWS PACKAGE - (maximum 3 minutes) Entry must be a package reporting on a single event or activity in the areas of either athletics, academics, extra-curricular or community service. The winning news package from each school will compete in the Best of District News Package category.


    The following criteria will be used:

    1. Informative presentation of event or activity

    2. Audio levels are even and clear

    3. Clean, effective editing

    4. Appropriate appearance of guest/talent on camera

    5. Overall presentation


    ON-AIR TALENT - (maximum 2 minutes) May be a reporter, host, moderator, anchor, interviewer, etc. The content in the entry must be appropriate for airing on LDTV. Does not include LDTV-produced programming. Entry should be submitted by the talent.


    The following criteria will be used:

    1. Knowledge of the topic

    2. Camera presence

    3. Proper use of language

    4. Appropriate attire

    5. Use of microphone

    6. Proper use of setting

    7. Overall presentation

    CHERYL HAINES GERMINARIO MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA TECHNOLOGY - The teacher at each school selects one outstanding student.