• LDTV Content Delivery Guidelines

    LDTV broadcasts the majority of its programming from MPEG-2 files.  This is the preferred method of delivery for both preview and final production purposes.

    Video File Via Server

    • You will need to complete the High School Video Release Form.

    • You can easily create MPEG-2 files for LDTV by using Compressor using these settings.

      *Remember, all final projects must be exported from a 4:3 sequence. When shooting in HD, edit your project in an HD sequence first, then drop it in an SD sequence to export for LDTV using these settings. Also, all audio should be in 2 tracks only - either dual mono or two identical stereo tracks.

    • For exporting from Final Cut Pro X, first open Compressor and click Show in the upper left hand corner to see Settings and Locations. If you created an LDTV preset from the settings in the link above, it will appear in the Custom section.  It will also show in the File->Share dropdown menu in FCPX so that you can export right from FCPX by going to File->Share->LDTV.

    • For exporting from Premiere, first export your project by going to File->Export->Media. Use the Premiere Export Settings from the the link above. Once your file has exported, open Compressor and use the LDTV settings, choose your output Location, then click Start Batch.

    • Once your file has finished, change the extension from .mpeg to .mpg.
    • File names cannot contain spaces