• The students of Sequoia Alternative Program are busy working on their Fourth Marking Period Projects. A selected few chose to complete their requirement with Ms. Risden’s "History is Herstory Too".  The project procedures allow the student to explore the history of women, as well as their struggle for human rights and their contributions to our society. 


    EHB!Based on her impressive accomplishments, students extended an invitation to Mrs Capella, our School District Superintendent, to join them for a

    “Tea & Q&A" discussion.


    Students, Michelle Egbert and Kofi Lightfoot, interviewed Mrs. Capella about her own career path, her thoughts and feelings about women's roles in society, and their quest for equal status in the world today.

    EHB2Mrs. Capella explained that “Everyone has a gift; and young women need to find their passion and make a difference.” She encouraged them to “Work like so many other strong women have…” and to offer their special gifts to the world.       

    When asked what advice she would give to girls that may want to follow in her footsteps she replied, “Be true to yourself; Be the best that you can be; Work hard and stay focused." Mrs. Capella went on and elaborated that she is very proud of the Lenape Regional High School District.


    We at Sequoia Alternative Program are very proud of Mrs. Capella as well. She is a strong, independent, decisive and caring individual. She is a wonderful role model for the young women in our district, and has proven time and again that women can and will accomplish the goals they set for themselves!