• Marking Period Four Projects


    In order to promote Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills, the students of Sequoia Alternative program have been assigned a fourth marking project.


    The students are to choose one project to be completed and turned in on May 16th.  The students have the ability to choose from various projects developed by all the subject teachers and the grade earned will be recorded as a test grade for each of the courses that he/she is presently enrolled.  


    The outline below briefly describes the purpose and motivation for the implementation of this requirement:


    Marking Period Four Character Development Project:

    Ø     One project per student

    Ø     Related to Character Themes

    o       April- Caring

    o       May- Leadership

    o       June- Community



    Ø     Increased Academic Expectations

    Ø     Cross Curriculum Application of skills acquired

    Ø     Connect current Educational Initiatives

    o       Character development

    o       Interdisciplinary Instruction

    o       Differentiated Instruction

    Ø     Enhance appreciation of diversity through character development

    Ø     Capable of potentially decreasing alcohol and drug use because students will feel better about themselves