• Where are the Polygons?


    Many students walk away from many years of learning mathematics and still wonder why. In Mr. Fardella’s Geometry class, mathematics is given real world meaning and application. In order to increase the student’s awareness of the validity of math study, Mr. Fardella posed several questions to the class.

    Ø     What are the main components of a polygon?

    Ø     Where would you find polygons in real life?

    Ø     How are polygons applied in our daily lives?


    Having the “Textbook” definition of a polygon written on the board, he explained the meaning and instructed the students to re-write the definition into plain “Kid-Friendly” language.


    He then handed out several envelopes containing examples of polygons and non-polygons and colored markers for each student to use. Each student had an assigned group and location to work. He then asked them to place the shapes in a pre-printed worksheet assigning shapes to certain areas. Each group worked independently to create a plain language definition and assign shapes according to their particular definition.


    The students were able to visually comprehend the day-to-day uses of the shapes often referred to in Geometry class.