Just what it sounds like

    Constantly texting, IM'ing,


    Emailing a friend, bf/gf, frenemy,


    Anyone to keep tabs on or harass them


    Ø     Why does my bf/gf need to know where I am and what I'm doing every minute of the day?

    In a healthy relationship, partners trust each other and give each other room to breathe, enjoy time with friends and family, and chill out. In an emotionally abusive relationship, one partner tries to control the other, often by demeaning them, making them feel worthless, and trying to control their actions and decisions. Take constant messaging for what it is: a big flashing neon sign that says, "I'm trying to control you!" Talk it out, and cut the cord if it doesn't stop.

    Ø     Does sending or receiving a message every 5 minutes all day and night seem normal?

    Open communication is an important part of any relationship or friendship. But when the line between staying in touch and keeping tabs gets blurry, it's time for an offline convo with your bf/gf. And if you see it happening with your friends – whether they're doing it or it's happening to them – show them some love by calling them out on it.

    Ø     Do the messages I'm receiving sometimes make me feel bad?

    If a friend, partner, or the person you hooked up with last month is using IMs, emails, or texts to say mean things about how you look, what you're wearing, or who you're with on a regular basis, that's a form of emotional abuse. We're not talking about one text, one time, that said your blue dress wasn't his or her favorite... we're talking about a pattern of power-tripping comments meant to make you feel bad.

    Ø     Your phone bill goes up.
    Ø     Your self-esteem goes down.
    Ø     The person constantly messaging you becomes more controlling and emotionally abusive.
    Ø     The person constantly messaging you becomes physically abusive.
    Ø     The person YOU are constant messaging breaks up with you from all the pressure — even though you think you're just super-into them. Your friend who's getting constant messaged has an emotional breakdown from the stress of trying to respond to message overkill.
    Ø     Spell it out. Don't assume he or she realizes they're texting your relationship into the ground. Talk it out and be crystal clear about what

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Last Modified on May 2, 2011