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                                                                             Mr. Sean Lamon

                                                                    Email Address: slamon@lrhsd.org

                                                             Phone number: (609) 268-4600 ext. 673600



    University(s) attended:


    v    DelVal College
    v Temple University

    v    Marygrove College



     Degree(s) obtained:

              Ø     Principal Certification
              Ø     MA Educational Leadership
    Ø     MA Art of Teaching
    Ø     BA Health & Physical Education K-12
    Ø  Driver Education Instructor Certification

    Classes taught at Seneca:


    ü     Drivers Education

    ü     Physical Education 9th- 12th grades

    ü     Senior Health


    Quote:  “Those things that hurt; instruct”- Ben Franklin


    o       A word likely to be repeated in class, “Moderation”.

    o       Hobbies: Brenna, Declan, and Michaela, fishing, golf, building, brushing my hair, and working in the yard.