Students who need to take medication (except for Tylenol) during the school day must have a medication form completed by both their medical practitioner and parent.  These forms are available in the Health Office and must be received before medication can be dispensed to a student.  The medication must be provided in a properly labeled prescription vial or a sealed over-the-counter container.  All medication must be transported to the school by a parent or guardian.   Students who request to have Tylenol administered during the school day must complete a form and it must be signed by a parent. 

    Students who are asthmatic or have a potentially life threatening illness are permitted to self-administer prescribed medications while at school.  New regulations require that an Asthma Action Plan prepared by the student’s medical practitioner be returned to the Student Health Office.  Separate forms for asthma medications and epi-pens are available in the Health Office.