• 2019-2020 Timeline for Schedule Changes 

    Errors Only

    September 3 through September 10

    Drops for Full Year and Semester One Courses

    October 1 through November 22

    Level Changes for Full Year Courses

    October 1 through November 22

    January 31 through February 7

    Level Changes for Semester 1 Courses

    October 1 through October 31

    Level Changes for Semester 2 Courses

    February 3 through February 28

    Drops for Semester 2 Courses

    February 3 through February 28

    Course Changes

    September 17 through October 11

    If a student would like to make a change to their schedule, they must make an appointment to talk to their Counselor during the appropriate time indicated above.

    The actual change to the schedule will not be made until a Program Adjustment Form has been completed. The student, teacher, teacher's supervisor, counselor, and parent all have to indicate their feelings on the proposed change and sign the form. If all parties are in agreement, then the change to the schedule is made by the Counselor. If there is some disagreement, the Principal will make the final decision.

    Students cannot take more than one study hall per year. Please see the section of the website that describes the various levels of instruction.


    PLEASE NOTE: Any changes in schedule may adversely affect Athletic Eligibility


    Board of Education Regulation : 2264R