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    ** Fall '22 Naviance Presentation  (click on link)**


    We are pleased to make this new resource available to all of our students and families as a complement to the Counseling Center Events that we offer for our students throughout the school year.

    We encourage our students to utilize this website throughout their high school experience. These are sections you might find useful:

    About Me
    Profile – Includes basic biographical data and grade point averages.
    Learning Style Inventory-Learn the best ways for you to study and learn.
    Resume - By completing this resume with information about your accomplishments and talents, you can help us get a better understanding of how to help you effectively describe yourself to colleges.
    Journal-As you investigate colleges and start to develop your college list, this is an excellent place to chronicle your thoughts and questions.


    Career Interest Profiler-Based on your interests, find out what jobs might be a good fit for you.
    Personality Type-Based on your personality, find out what jobs might be a good fit for you.

    College Search – Start here to research a specific college. We recommend that students visit the college’s website for the most up-to-date information. There is a direct link to the website on each college’s Naviance homepage.

    College Match - This tool will allow you to use historical GPA and test score information about students from Seneca and their college applications to match you with colleges that you may want to consider adding to your list. Please note that there are many factors which can affect admissions decisions and the results of this search do NOT guarantee in any way whether or not you will be accepted at a particular college. If a college never appears in the results, it may be because no one from Seneca has ever applied to it.

    Scattergrams – This amazing tool allows you to visually see how you compare to Seneca students who have applied to a particular college based on your grade point average and ACT or SAT score.

    Acceptance History – To see how many Seneca students have been accepted and enrolled at all colleges click here.

    Scholarship Match – Based on information in your profile, your resume, or your game plan, scholarships are matched with your qualifications. The more information you complete, the better the matches.

    How to access this resource? Log in at the website:
    All Seneca High School students and their parents may log in on to the student’s account, where they will have access to personal academic information.
    Email: StudentID#@lrstudents.org
    Password: StudentID# until changed by student
    Underclassmen can research careers and may begin their list of prospective colleges. They will be able to compare their own academic credentials with recent Seneca applicants to those schools.
    Seniors in the midst of the application process can use the system to manage and track their applications and transcripts.