• Lenape Regional School District Class Ranking System

    The Lenape District reports two official ranks:  unweighted and weighted.  A class rank will be calculated for all pupils at the end of the sixth, seventh and eighth semesters.  Rankings for the sixth and seventh semesters are the District’s official class ranks with weighted and unweighted grade point averages becoming part of the student’s transcript.  Classes designated as pass/fail or those taken outside of the school day are not included in either rank.

    Unweighted Class Rank

    The regular unweighted rank shall be computed on the basis of all subjects taken within the school day.  Grade points will be awarded on a 4.0 scale with  A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, and F = 0.  The final grade for the course shall be multiplied by the number of credits completed for each course.  The total points for all courses completed are then divided by the total credits completed to determine GPA or grade point average.

     Academic Weighted System

    Weighted rank shall be computed based upon the quality points assigned to each course based upon level of difficulty.  All Honors/level 1 and Accelerated/level 2 courses shall be weighted.  Additionally, all English, math, science, world language and humanities courses, regardless of level, shall be included in the weighted rankings as well as the weighted GPA.

    HON/Level 1 Courses     A = 6   B = 5   C = 4   D = 3   F = 0   (HON = Honors)

    ACC/Level 2 Courses      A = 5   B = 4   C = 3   D = 2   F = 0   (ACC = Accelerated)

    CP/Level 3 Courses        A = 4   B = 3   C = 2   D = 1   F = 0   (CP = College Prep)

    Calculating the wGPA for the weighted class rank :

    ·       Only core academic courses or other courses designated as Advanced Placement (AP) will be included in the wGPA. 

    ·         A core academic course is any course, regardless of level, from any of the five academic areas which are: English, world languages, math, science and social studies.

    ·         The wGPA shall be calculated by dividing the total weighted quality points by the total credits of the courses completed in the core academic area.

    ·         Weighted quality points shall be calculated by multiplying the final grade for the core academic course by the number of credits completed for each core academic course using the following 6.0 scale:


                HON/Level 1 Courses     A = 6   B = 5   C = 4   D = 3   F = 0   (HON=Honors)
                ACC/Level 2 Courses      A = 5   B = 4   C = 3   D = 2   F = 0   (ACC=Accelerated)
                CP/Level 3 Courses        A = 4   B = 3   C = 2   D = 1   F = 0   (CP=College Prep)                     

    ·    Core academic courses taken through a Summer School Remediation program shall be computed as a CP/Level 3-D.

    ·    Core academic courses taken through an Option Two program shall be counted in the wGPA only if the pupil has successfully taken the district Proof of Proficiency assessment for that course. 


    Please review the amended policy carefully.  If you need to make a course selection change, put it in writing to the Seneca Counseling Center by August 1st.  No changes will be accepted after August 1st.