• RCBC Spring Ahead Program
    NOVEMBER (date TBD)  - RCBC informational meeting, Seneca Auditorium
    Fill out free application online - http://www.rcbc.edu/apply       
    JANUARY- Transcript, SAT/ACT scores (if taken) and application due to RCBC. 
    FEBRUARY (dates TBD) - RCBC placement tests, Seneca Computer Labs. Eligibility based on completed application and transcript received by RCBC.  Exempt if scored 540 in Critical Reading and/or 530 in Math on SAT’s or ACT Reading-23 and/or Math-20.

    MAY (date TBD) - Registration Trip to RCBC to register for classes (Must have applied, sent transcript & taken placement test in order to go on trip)
    Top 15% weighted rank
    NJ Stars is free tuition at RCBC for the 1st year and then 2nd year if their GPA qualifies.
    NJ Stars must apply for financial aid at http://www.fafsa.gov