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    Uniform Information
    At the beginning of each year, cadets will receive a full-service dress uniform. It will be worn through the course of the year on mandated uniform days, once a week. The uniform expresses that you are a part of a whole, the corp. The corp members are your brothers and sisters, and the uniform brings together the feeling of being part of a team.
    1 Blue Dress Shirt, Short Sleeve
    1 Blue Dress Shirt, Long Sleeve
    1 Pair of Blue Trousers / Blue Skirt
    1 Blue Tie / Blue Tie Tab
    1 Blue Lightweight Jacket
    1 Pair of Black Oxford Uniform Shoes, and Dark Dress Socks
    1 Blue Garrison Cover
    1 Belt with silver buckle

    AFJROTC Uniform Instructions


              Most uniforms will require some alterations.  New pants and skirts require hemming and all blue shirts, service coats, and lightweight jackets require the round “AFJROTC” patch to be sewn on the left shoulder.  These alterations may be completed in one of 2 ways:


    1.  You may take your uniform items requiring alterations to Pinewood Cleaners in Medford.  They are located at 703 Stokes Rd, Ste 1 (just south of the Medford Bowling Center).  Pinewood Cleaners will take any necessary measurements and make the alterations at no charge to you.  They will keep a record of the work that is done and bill our unit.  The only alterations they are authorized to perform are hemming pants/skirts, sewing patches on, and possibly adjusting service coat sleeve length.


    2.  You may do the alterations yourself, at your own expense, in accordance with the tailoring instructions from the AFJROTC uniform regulation (listed below.)


    “The bottom of the slacks will rest on the front of the shoes with a slight break in the crease.  The back of the slacks will extend approximately 7/8 inch longer than the front.  Skirt length will be no shorter than the top of the kneecap nor longer than the bottom of the kneecap.  With arms hanging naturally, service coat sleeves will end approximately 1/4 inch from the heel of the thumb. Ensure the bottom edge of the coat extends 3 to 3 1/2 inches below the top of the thigh.  Blue shirts will not be tailored.  The AFJROTC patch should be centered on the left shoulder ½ to 1 inch below the shoulder seam, on all blue shirts, the service coat, and the lightweight blue jacket.”


    Please do not delay in getting your uniforms tailored.  Mandatory uniform wear will begin in a couple weeks.  If any uniform items do not fit properly (other than pant/skirt length), please let an instructor know as soon as possible so we can exchange the item for one that fits.


    As a reminder, some uniform items are dry clean only.  Please follow all cleaning instructions listed on the tags on the uniform items.  Any cleaning expenses are the responsibility of the student.    

    For any questions on your uniform, ask the SASI, ASI, or refer to the Cadet Handbook
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