Student Council Blood Drive

    Seneca High School organizes a Fall and Winter blood drive every year. Students have to be 17 or older to qualify to give blood. The students and staff generously donate their blood. Each pint donated can save up to THREE lives. Students who meet the weight and height requirement may donate, possibly saving up to six lives.
    Here are some pictures from our past blood drives:
    Behind the Scenes:
    Student Council members dress up in the blood drop costume and hand out permission slips starting weeks before each blood drive.  Members of the eligible age may participate giving to the blood drive.  During the drive, members can be admitted out of class to help the students giving blood by checking them in, reading or talking to the donors, supplying snacks while the donors rest, or escort the donors back to their class.  Freshmen are not permitted to help on the day of the Fall Blood Drive.